How The Economic Situation Is Directly Affected By Decisions

How The Economic Situation Is Directly Affected By Decisions Made By Congress

The Way The World Turns
The economic structure is largely dependent on the national government where major decisions are made each week. The political system is also influenced by the economy. This is why it is crucial for the United States to lead the way in manufacturing alternative energy jobs and resources. This could be a major export for the United States as well. On another level, it could inspire other countries to move towards a renewable energy resource, instead of remaining Read the rest of this entry »

To Insulate The U.S. Economy Or Globalize Further?

With the recovery form the recent recession, and the more lasting impact that economic issues have changed the way we do business in recent years, enjoying a better understanding of such issues can be a very important concern for investors, professionals and those with more serious financial concerns. Lacking understanding, insight and up to date information regarding any number of potentially important economic issues and concerns could be a very serious concern. The limitations and missed opportunities that only proper insight can allow you to address could be significant obstacles to your professional goals and Read the rest of this entry »

Fives Areas Of The U.S. Not Affected By Recession

The recent recession has had a strong impact on the United States over the last few years, but some areas seemed to be hit worse than others. While many areas are still dealing with job losses and a blow to the local economy, others are doing as well if not better than they were before it all happened. Here is a look at five of those areas that were not affected by the recession:

1. Texas – Several major cities in Texas were seeing increases in employment while the rest of the country was Read the rest of this entry »

Learning Which Way the Economic Wind’s Blowing

Every time you turn on the television, you hear about how the economy has taken another plunge ON the news all the while shoved between commercials for debt consolidation and life insurance. And even when you go online, you can’t help but get related links for sites like and other credit card services. With this kind of exposure, no one could blame you for assuming the worst about the economy, but if time has taught us one thing, it’s that the media loves to sensationalize a story. Another way of putting it might be “if it bleeds, it reads.” So, how do you learn which way the wind is blowing when it comes to the economy while avoiding sensationalism and media bias? One of the best ways to accomplish this is to get out there and do some research of your own. There are a number of financial publications and reviews that offer accurate figures and projections for what the economy looks like. Consulting the IMF (International Monetary Fund) site is also a great way to get some information about the economy from a global perspective. And, while it may not be tailored to your country or liking, it is the best way to find out about the status of the economy without media bias.

Ways To Learn From Our Past Economic Blunders

The history of the world is full of catastrophic blunders that changed the course of nations and history forever. Most of these blunders were made due to a lack of information on the part of the economic leaders at the time. For example, the stock market crisis of the late 1920′s caused untold economic damage across the United States and the rest of the world because the leaders at the time didn’t know how runaway unregulated markets would impact the rest of the economy. In order Read the rest of this entry »

Why U.S. Economic Situation Is Worlds Apart from Europe

Back in 2003, while on a visit to Sweden, I took time to talk about current events with my father-in-law about whether or not Sweden should merge their currency, known as the Krona (Crown), with the still relatively new Euro. It was my opinion that such a merger was not in the best interest of Swedes because it would relinquish too much of their sovereign economic policy to their neighbors. It was then that my father-in-law told me something that has ever remained with me since that time. He told me, “Yes, your point Read the rest of this entry »

Why Our Economy Is Not Spiraling Out Of Control

Despite continued high unemployment as well as a myriad of other poor economic indicators the economy continues to struggle along. The downward spiral, long predicted, has remained at bay. Some wonder what has kept the country afloat; I would argue that it is the safety nets put into place following the great depression that have kept the country from spiraling down into chaos.
When the housing boom went bust after the stock market fall of 2008, spending and credit fell sharply. Although this hurt the economy and resulted in skyrocketing Read the rest of this entry »

Personally Overcoming A Widespread National Economic Crisis

Many people live in fear of what some believe to be an inevitable economic crisis that will engulf the most of the world within our lifetimes. However, there are step you can take that will minimize the effect on your personal finances.

The best thing you can do is to eliminate as much debt from your budget as possible. This will allow you to avoid the elevating interest rates and fees that companies will begin charging in an effort Read the rest of this entry »

Protecting Ourselves From The Next Great Depression…Or Worse

Are we sitting on the very edge of a steep cliff about to fall into a deep depression or are we on our way to recovering and enjoying a thriving economy? According to the Republicans, another four years of Barack Obama will lead us straight into a financial black hole from which we may never escape.

For those with a more realistic and politically unbiased view, things are not so bad. While we do have some serious issues to deal with, our economy is in much better shape than most European countries. In order to stay on the path Read the rest of this entry »

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